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Tools4CAP report on challenges for decision-making in the CAP Strategic Plan design and monitoring

Jun 24, 2024 | Tools4CAP Results

Author: Carla Wember (IfLS)

What are challenges that need to be tackled in CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) design and monitoring? A report titled Key Challenges for Decision Making Across EU Member States from the Tools4CAP project gives answers to that question. The report, led by the Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS), is based on the outcomes of 12 focus group reports, a literature review in 18 Member States, and an online survey. It uncovers that decision-makers and stakeholders face five clusters of challenges:

Clusters of challenges in the CAP Strategic Plan design and monitoring.
Main challenges

The analysis shows that challenges resulting from the current multi-level governance of the CAP and its complexity, as well as timing issues, are the most common. A lack of transparency concerning decision-making processes or consultation results, as well as hurdles related to the volume and/or complexity of CAP documents and technical problems, are also frequently mentioned. In Member States with strong regional level, coordination between the national and the regional level proves to be difficult.

Good practices

While some challenges, such as the complexity of the CAP’s architecture and timing issues, need to be addressed at the EU policy level, new and improved tools are promising to tackle other challenges. The report provides examples of good practices of tools that are effective in addressing these issues. For instance, Cumulative Voting and Multi-criteria analysis are helpful tools for prioritizing needs and objectives in the CAP Strategic Plan design and monitoring. Intervention setting, coherence and impact assessment can be supported by methods of intervention logic, such as Theory of Change and the Instrument Objective Impact (IOI) matrix. Good practices for tools addressing stakeholder consultation challenges include future conferences and vision-building tools, as well as concrete examples of formats from the Netherlands and Germany.

Looking ahead

Building on these results, Tools4CAP partners are currently working on co-designing new and improved methods, tools and approaches in six working groups. The results will be published at the end of June in a report that will be available on the Tools4CAP website.

More information: D3.1 Report on key challenges for decision making across EU MS