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Tools4CAP project will support decision-makers with policy tools for a more evidence-based National CAP Strategic plans

Feb 15, 2023 | Tools4CAP Results

On 13 and 14 February 2023, the European project Tools4CAP held its kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Tools4CAP – which stands for “Innovative Toolbox empowering effective CAP governance towards EU ambitions” – is a Coordination and Support Action project (2023-2026) funded with 4 million euros by the Horizon Europe programme.

Coordinated by ECORYS Brussels, Tools4CAP engages 20 partners from 18 EU countries with outstanding expertise in economic, environmental, climate and social issues, new data sources and monitoring technologies, as well as in stakeholder engagement, social, environmental, and animal welfare-related data and indicators, in agricultural and rural development contexts.

Following extensive negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission, the new common agricultural policy (CAP) was formally adopted in December 2021, and implemented from 1 January 2023.

The CAP’s new performance and results-based approach provides more flexibility to the Member States to pave the way for a fairer, greener and improved competitiveness of the CAP. To this end, each EU country has developed a CAP Strategic Plan to support a wide range of interventions, combining funding for income support, rural development and market measures, addressing their specific needs, aiming to deliver tangible results in relation to EU-level CAP specific objectives, while contributing to the European Green Deal.

The overall ambition of Tools4CAP is to support the implementation of National Strategic Plans 2023-2027 and lay the foundations for a sound preparation of post-2027 Strategic Plans.

The project will stimulate Member States to adopt methods and tools adapted to their needs. The project will empower policymakers in the governance of the CAP towards the green transition and achieving the set-out objectives. It will provide tailor-made, out-of-the-box quantitative and qualitative solutions, including modelling tools with forecasting capabilities, participatory decision-making and multi-governance tools, and new data and monitoring solutions.

The project will deliver a comprehensive inventory of methods and tools used in the 27 Member States, methodological guidelines on innovative solutions and a Handbook of good practices. Methods and tools will cover three key areas:

  1. Quantitative modelling tools for ex-ante and ex-post evaluations;
  2. Participatory and multi-governance decision tools;
  3. Novel data and monitoring solutions.

The project will set up a Replication Lab to demonstrate the potential of use of different innovative solutions (methods and tools) which can accommodate a diversity of needs through 10 case studies. Furthermore, Tools4CAP will establish a Capacity Building Hub to help end users reinforce their capacity to use innovative tools, including models used by the European Commission.

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