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Tools4CAP Inventory of methods and tools: available!

Oct 12, 2023 | Tools4CAP Results

Author: Joshua Wilson (Ecorys) & Blanca Casares (AEIDL)

The European project Tools4CAP – which stands for “Innovative Toolbox empowering effective Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) governance towards EU ambitions” – is a Coordination and Support Action project (2023-2026) funded by the Horizon Europe programme. The overall ambition of Tools4CAP is to support the implementation of National Strategic Plans 2023-2027 and lay the foundations for a sound preparation of post-2027 Strategic Plans.

Over the last few months, work has been carried out on developing a comprehensive inventory of existing methods and tools used for the design, implementation and monitoring of CAP Strategic Plans.

The online inventory allows you to explore the different tools filtering by Member State and by four clusters:

  1. Stakeholders needs assessment tools: tools based on qualitative methodologies, including but not limited to participatory approaches, that enable the identification and assessment of stakeholders’ perspectives and needs, and which can be used to inform policy analyses and policy choices.
  2. Policy choices supporting tools: tools with logic-based methodologies that facilitate decision-making and are particularly useful when dealing with complex systems (i.e. characterised by interdependencies, competitions, relationships, and interactions between their parts). When multiple policy options are available, information comes from multiple sources and several actors are involved in decision-making. These tools help converge to a shared, coherent, consistent and logical policy choice.              
  3. Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions: tools that generate (scientific or empirical) evidence through the analysis of policies, either ex-ante or ex-post, to inform decision-making, hence underpinning evidence-based policymaking. Tools for both ex-ante analysis (employed before policy implementation to evaluate the likely outcomes, benefits and risks associated with different policy options) and ex-post analysis (evaluation and comparison of past experiences, or similar experience elsewhere, as well as outcomes under different policies and policy mix analysis) can be employed along the design and monitoring process.
  4. Monitoring and data collection tools: tools that collect and make available (but do not interpret) the necessary information and data for the performance review of the CAP Strategic Plan, and to inform policy analyses and policy choices. These tools allow for collecting different types of qualitative and quantitative data, information and knowledge, with different levels of accuracy and based on different sources.

In addition, it includes a more detailed filtering system by CAP Strategic Plan relevant tasks: design (e.g. SWOT analysis, needs prioritisation, intervention setting, stakeholders consultations, etc.) and monitoring (such as Annual Performance Reports, compliance, amendments, etc).

Work on the inventory will continue during the project and two updates are expected in January 2025 and December 2026. These updates will include methods and tools used in previous programming periods and relevant international examples (e.g. associated countries), will be compiled through a combination of in-depth desk research and will be complemented by more interviews with relevant actors at local, national and EU level in the 27 MS.

In early 2024, the Tools4CAP Academy will organise a specific training on the content and use of the inventory for end-users. The expression of interest to participate in this Academy session will be published in the coming weeks.