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Tools4CAP Conceptual Framework 

Oct 30, 2023 | Tools4CAP Results

Tools4CAP – which stands for “Innovative Toolbox empowering effective Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) governance towards EU ambitions” – is a Coordination and Support Action project (2023-2026) funded by the Horizon Europe programme.  

The Tools4CAP project enters into play in the context of a changing CAP. The New Delivery Model (NDM) established in Regulation EU 2115/2021 introduces national CAP Strategic Plans (CSP), along with new monitoring, review and evaluation requirements. The new CAP comes with increased subsidiarity, a performance-oriented approach replacing the previous compliance-based model, more responsibilities and flexibility for Member States (MSs) for the design and monitoring of the CSP, as well as a new policy cycle entailing exchange and coordination with the European Commission. 

Figure 1: Tools4CAP intervention logic

Over the last half a year, Tools4CAP has developed the first version of its Conceptual Framework (deliverable 1.2) by drawing upon existing literature, and the experiences of informed actors across MSs, the expert knowledge of the Tools4CAP Consortium and its Expert Advisory Board. 

This deliverable aims to provide the overall, comprehensive conceptual picture of the CSP design and monitoring process, encompassing all the key elements and identifying those aspects that will need to be addressed within Tools4CAP, and those that will not. In doing so, the Conceptual Framework aims to shed light on Member States’ choice of tools for the design and monitoring of the CSP, and the factors underlying these choices. 

Figure 2: Conceptual diagramme of the key factors influencing the choice of tools for the design and monitoring of the CAP CSP

In the first place, this Conceptual Framework provides an overview of the NDM and explains the different approaches that Member States adopted for the design of the CSPs. On this basis, the deliverable outlines a conceptualisation of the design and monitoring process, identifying the key factors entering into play when it comes to the MSs’ choices of the methods and tools to be employed for optimal designing and monitoring. Understanding MSs’ choices, and the levers and barriers behind these choices, will help guide the identification of tailored methodological solutions for different MSs and the replication of good practices across MSs, as well as define the MSs’ skills and capabilities that can be developed further to foster the adoption of novel and innovative tools. The tools have been categorised into four groups in the online inventory

  1. Stakeholders needs assessment tools 
  1. Policy choices supporting tools.  
  1. Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions 
  1. Monitoring and data collection tools 

Finally, this deliverable outlines the project’s intervention logic towards the achievement of the project’s objectives.  

Tools4CAP Conceptual Framework (deliverable 1.2) is a ‘living’ document, because concepts and further understanding of the CSP and NDM will emerge throughout the entire support action. While the content of this report should be considered consolidated, the report will be periodically updated by integrating new relevant concepts, aspects and discussion, when relevant. The updated versions will be made available online.