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World Café

Rationale of use

It is seen as a good practice in stakeholder consultations to cross-pollinate ideas and build upon each other's contributions, where diverse perspectives and creative solutions are needed. It is also useful to explore a topic from multiple perspectives, ensuring that everyone contributes to the conversation, or to gather information from grantees/beneficiaries at the community level.


The world café method was used to structure the discussions around different issues with the involved stakeholders in the consultation process. The world café method is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which small groups of people discuss a topic at several small tables (like in a café). It is composed of several rounds of small group conversations (20-25 minutes). Each group has a host that poses the questions/issues to be answered/debated and notes down the answers. At the end of each round, the participants except for the hosts are reshuffled into new groups, starting a new round of conversation. The host shares the insights from the previous groups with the new one. It ends with all hosts sharing the main takeaways for a joint discussion.

Types of outputs

Written documentation from the meetings, with an overview of the questions, what was discussed and the main takeaways to be shared with the intended stakeholders and participants.

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name

World Café


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Workshops and conferences



Author or owner

Owner: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Design: SWOT Analysis
CSP Design: Stakeholder Consultations

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