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Working Group

Rationale of use

In Slovakia, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR implemented a Working Group to create a unified National Strategic Plan for the country through a more formal approach.


This working group consisted of various members from ministries, universities, and civil society organisations, working together to finalise and approve the National Strategic Plan through individual sub-groups.

Types of outputs

The outputs resulted in the formulation of the National Strategic Plan, reflecting the coordinated efforts and agreement among the different stakeholders.

Relevant CAP objective



The Working Group was established upon a discretion of one of the former minister without set rules. The following 3 ministers continued in this practice. No reference is available.

Tool name

Working Group


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Focus groups and meetings



Author or owner

Author: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Stakeholder Consultations

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