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Voting for Needs Prioritisation

Rationale of use

Utilised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Romania, this tool was chosen to leverage the internal expertise of the MARD team, who had prior experience and good knowledge of EU rules, objectives, and priorities. It also allowed for efficient needs prioritisation within time constraints.


MARD departments were presented with a table outlining different needs and asked to prioritise them on a scale from high to low. A hierarchy of needs was then created and further discussed with stakeholders in an online event. Written stakeholder input was collected afterwards to finalise the prioritisation.

Types of outputs

The outputs include a comprehensive database containing the prioritised needs, as established by the internal team and validated by external stakeholders

Relevant CAP objective



Consultări PS PAC 2023-2027 – Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale (madr.ro)

Tool name

Voting for Needs Prioritisation


Policy choices supporting tools


Voting and prioritisation tools



Author or owner

Author: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)

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Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Needs Assessment

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