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Town Hall Meetings

Rationale of use

Town Hall Meetings have been implemented in Ireland to foster an inclusive and participatory environment, allowing for a broad spectrum of views from various regions and stakeholders. This approach seeks to engage the public, industry representatives, and policymakers in open dialogue and collaboration on agricultural policies.


Meetings are conducted throughout the country on various dates, offering an accessible platform for stakeholders to share their views, concerns, and suggestions regarding CAP reforms. Further information about these meetings is available on the official Ministry website. Additionally, these meetings can take place virtually. Initially, an informative presentation on the consultation topic is delivered, succeeded by one or more Q&A sessions about that topic, during which participants' feedback is gathered. Public consultation documents containing specific questions related to the topic are also distributed to participants. Their responses and feedback are then collected through additional means such as email or post.

Types of outputs

The outcomes of these meetings are compiled into detailed written reports, available on the Ministry website. The reports summarise the issues raised, questions, comments, discussions, ideas, and consensus reached, serving as reference materials for policy formulation and decision-making. Additionally, the recording of the meetings held virtually and a transcript of the comments/questions asked is also available.

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name

Town Hall Meetings


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Focus groups and meetings



Author or owner

Author: DAFM (Ministry of Agriculture)

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Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Stakeholder Consultations
CSP Monitoring: Performance Review

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