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Synapse (information system)

Rationale of use

France's CAP governance has necessitated a consolidated IT architecture capable of streamlining, auditing, and validating data for the Annual Performance Report, ensuring uniqueness among CAP beneficiaries across different paying agencies.


The SYNAPSE system emphasises interoperability between various management systems, minimising redundancy in data requests, and establishing a unique identifier number (GUID). Data sent by each paying agency undergoes checks for completeness, authorisation, and correctness before processing.

Types of outputs

Annual Performance Report for CAP 2023-2027, from Financial year 2023 to financial year 2030

Relevant CAP objective

Modernisation of CAP management (transversal S.O)


France’s CAP Strategic Plan
Section 7.2 Description of the monitoring and reporting structure

Tool name

Synapse (information system)


Monitoring and data collection tools


Data and knowledge stocktaking



Author or owner

Owner: Paying agency (ASP)

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Clearance
CSP Monitoring: Performance Review

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