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Support Simulation Tool

Rationale of use

This tool was specifically tailored to the Wallonia context and was overseen by experts familiar with the local dynamics. Its implementation was essential to handle the intricate details and complexity associated with the design of interventions.


The Support Simulation Tool acts as an aid and income simulator, designed to evaluate the effects of financial assistance based on the technical and economic features of farms, considering factors such as farm size and area. It evaluates support across different farm types under the first pillar, comparing it with 2019 data for each farm type. The tool's functioning is further enhanced by incorporating FADN data to project the effects on income.

Types of outputs

The tool provides numerical forecasts detailing the support level according to different criteria such as techno-eco orientation, economic size, region, and farm size. It also offers aggregate projections that combine different types of farms.

Relevant CAP objective



Not public

Tool name

Support Simulation Tool


Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions


Regional level


Belgium Wallonia

Author or owner

Author: Ministry of Agriculture - Wallonia, and ADE (consultant) Owner: Ministry of Agriculture - Wallonia

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Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Target Setting

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