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Statistical Analysis

Rationale of use

The creation of an interoperable data tool was not feasible due to time constraints. As a result, the Statistical Data Analysis tool was utilised to aggregate and analyse a wide array of data from various sources effectively.


This tool leverages spreadsheets to compute context indicators and establish target settings. It integrates data amassed from multiple repositories like Eurostat, FADN, National Statistics, and other administrative databases. Furthermore, this tool evaluates data from market reports, research papers, environmental agencies, and other relevant platforms.

Types of outputs

The primary outputs are comprehensive reports describing the socio-economic context. These documents provide foundational insights for SWOT analyses and the identification of pertinent needs.

Relevant CAP objective



Evaluate PS PAC – Ministerul Agriculture si Dezvoltarii Rurale (madr.ro)

Tool name

Statistical Analysis


Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions


National level



Author or owner

Author: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Socio-Economic Context Analysis
CSP Design: SWOT Analysis
CSP Design: Needs Assessment

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