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Satellite Area Monitoring System

Rationale of use

This tool provides comprehensive, monitoring of fields, improving efficiency compared to traditional methods. It ensures data accuracy through comparison of satellite images and real-time geotagged photos. Its traffic light system enables early detection of potential issues. The tool's automated data translation increases resource efficiency, and its user-friendly app interface caters to farmers without demanding extensive technical knowledge. Finally, the provision for field visits and a system of accountability enhances verification processes and reliability of farming practices.


The Netherlands is using a comprehensive monitoring tool in the agricultural sector, specifically for tomato crops, which combines satellite technology, algorithm-based data interpretation, a traffic light system, and on-ground verification. Satellite images and data are collected daily and translated into a graphical form by an algorithm. The system compares the satellite data with expected norms indicating match, uncertainty, or mismatch. Further accuracy is ensured by comparing real-time geotagged photos taken by farmers using an app with the satellite data. Doubts are resolved through official reviews and potential field visits. This tool is also evolving, with the development of a minimum maintenance field algorithm.

Types of outputs

The tool in use for agricultural monitoring in the Netherlands is multifaceted, focusing on satellite data collection, algorithmic data translation, and on-the-ground verification. The outputs produced include graphical data for easy interpretation, traffic light indicators to verify the fields crop, geotagged photos for real-world reference, official verification reports, and assessments of field maintenance standards via a specialised algorithm.

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Tool name

Satellite Area Monitoring System


Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance monitoring



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Owner: Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO)

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CSP Monitoring: Beneficiaries' Compliance

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