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RD Investment Data Tool

Rationale of use

Used during the RDP 2014-2020 period, the Rural Development (RD) Investment Data tool is being updated for the CSP interventions particularly to monitor investment-based interventions overseen by the Managing Authority.


This monitoring tool tracks expenditure, budget, output, and result indicators. All relevant data, such as budgetary information, applicant details, and specific objectives, are uploaded into the database. The system's functionality is inclusive of various modules, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the CSP interventions. The IT system will include elements of both EAGF and EAFRD as well as new requirements not previously included in the APR (AIR 2014-2020). The IT System linking the numerous schemes and interventions will monitor expenditure, outputs and results throughout the programming period.

Types of outputs

Detailed database in an excel format including selected variables for all project applications.

Relevant CAP objective



Not public

Tool name

RD Investment Data Tool


Monitoring and data collection tools


Performance monitoring



Author or owner

Owner: Managing Authority

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Performance Review

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