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Public Consultation

Rationale of use

The various participants were given the opportunity to identify additional strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats that were not covered in the initial SWOT addressed, provide comments and formulate proposals for adjustment. Then, through brainstorming sessions to identify the needs for Flemish agriculture, the environment (linked to agriculture) and the wider countryside. Subsequently a number of breakthroughs were further elaborated.


Public consultation for two days on the needs of Flemish agriculture, environment (linked to agriculture) and the Flemish countryside Both days were set up identically: in groups and guided by external facilitators, participants were surveyed about the SWOT needs and breakthroughs.

Types of outputs

The result of the public consultation is a comprehensive report in which the input of the participants and which was used as a basis for the needs analysis.

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name

Public Consultation


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Workshops and conferences


Belgium - Flanders

Author or owner

Owner: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

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Relevant tasks

CSP Design: SWOT Analysis
CSP Design: Needs Assessment

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