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Project Closure Database

Rationale of use

Project closure reports provide a good source of information to collect data for respective indicators and for evaluation purposes.


The database aims to make the information from project closure reports digital, including relevant indicators. The tool is expected to be an IT based system which can be linked to RD investment data given that it will contain information at the level of the beneficiaries. The tool is currently being developed. Its effective use depends on adequate planning of data to be collected from the beneficiaries. The tool is centred around the interventions and therefore requires specific links to other elements of the CAP SP such as the specific objectives.

Types of outputs

The output expected to be produced by the tool are excel based tables which allow for the selection of relevant variables from the project closure reports.

Relevant CAP objective



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Tool name

Project Closure Database


Monitoring and data collection tools


Performance monitoring



Author or owner

Owner: Managing Authority

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Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Performance Review

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