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Online Survey

Rationale of use

An online survey tool is utilised to obtain a comprehensive overview of stakeholders' interests, needs, and investment priorities. It is also employed to gather information on the experience and satisfaction of stakeholders with the implementation of financial instruments under the RDP.


This tool enables potential users to gain insights into the benefits of specific financing models. In November 2021, news on the RDP, Paying Agency, National Rural Network website was published and access given to the survey. The website also offered the possibility for all interested parties to access information on the basic characteristics of the financial instruments currently being implemented as well as certain results of the implementation so far.

Types of outputs

The process provides valuable input from current and potential future final recipients, thereby informing decisions related to financial instruments.

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name

Online Survey


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Online consultations and surveys



Author or owner

Author: Ministry of Agriculture

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Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Intervention Setting

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