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IS SZIF Information System

Rationale of use

IS SZIF serves as a central hub for the administration and monitoring of SP projects. It enables seamless electronic communication with project applicants and beneficiaries and facilitates the verification and control of diverse data provided during various project phases. The integration with other public registers such as legal persons, physical persons, and animals extends its utility for broader control and monitoring.


This system operates as an interface to other public registers and systems, supplying the PA with essential data for verification and control of project applicants and beneficiaries' information. By interlinking with various public registers, it empowers the PA to leverage these other registers for comprehensive control and monitoring.

Types of outputs

Verification reports, control documents, monitoring summaries, and electronic communications with project applicants and beneficiaries.

Relevant CAP objective



Not public

Tool name

IS SZIF Information System


Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance monitoring



Author or owner

Author: Ministry of agriculture of the Czech Republic and State agricultural intervention fund

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Beneficiaries' Compliance

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