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Impactons ! Public debate

Rationale of use

The tool allows for the democratic discussion to take place on the objectives that are set for the CAP, for citizens to take up the issues at stake, and supports dissemination among citizens. It provided a structured and inclusive platform for public debate on critical issues. The goal was to gather diverse opinions, including prioritisation of objectives, opinion on different themes, and political positioning.


The tool, managed by a Commission appointed by the National Commission of Public Debate (CNDP), functioned through a comprehensive approach to facilitate public debate on agriculture. It included a 3-day debate involving a panel of randomly selected citizens, an online platform for sharing opinions and proposals, and public debates across French regions. Additionally, 'house debates' were encouraged where participants could organise discussions based on provided guidelines. The Commission engaged with around 170 stakeholders, including 125 citizens in the Citizens' Assembly on Agriculture, to prioritise topics and refine methods. The online platform enabled participants to comment, suggest, and deliberate on each other's ideas. The diverse input collected was compiled into a detailed report by the Commission and submitted to the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. This report informed the Ministry's public statement on the lessons learnt from these debates, influencing France's National Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2021-2027.

Types of outputs

The output of the tool encompassed several detailed documents reflecting the diverse inputs from the public debates. The Citizen's Assembly on Agriculture produced a document titled 'Social Contract for the CAP', outlining six priority objectives and 17 measures. The public debates generated comprehensive minutes, which included lists of participants, discussions, issues, questions, comments, and proposals. House debates resulted in reports summarising the discussed issues, suggestions, proposals, and comments. In addition to these, the entire debate process was captured in an extensive report by the commission. This report detailed the methodologies, results, analysis, and conclusions of all forms of debates, including 1083 proposals. The French Ministry of Agriculture then released a public document summarising the lessons learned from the public debate. This document prioritised the issues and concerns raised and responded to the commission's recommendations.

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Tool name

Impactons ! Public debate


Stakeholders needs assessment tools


Focus groups and meetings



Author or owner

Author: Commission Nationale du Débat Public (CNDP) (national commission of public debate)

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CSP Design: Socio-Economic Context Analysis
CSP Design: SWOT Analysis
CSP Design: Needs Assessment

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