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Rationale of use

The system seeks to efficiently categorise farmer applications based on a set of predefined factors, ensuring a streamlined process for application verification and subsequent actions. Additionally, it aids in collecting valuable data for understanding various dimensions of agricultural activity within Greece.


IACS is used as the "Traffic Lights System" to assess farmer applications and classify them using a color-coding system. "Green" signifies an issue-free application, "red" indicates rejection, and "yellow" denotes applications that require further verification, such as a field visit or geotagged photos. Initial categorisation is informed by factors like previous year applications, potential changes, satellite imagery, and selected aerial photos. The system is integrated with other tools like Sen4cap, which utilises Sentinel II satellite images, and Agrisnap, which aids in collecting geotagged photos.

Types of outputs

Categorisation of farmer applications into green, red, or yellow, and potential for deriving various agricultural indicators and insights based on the collected data.

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name



Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance and performance monitoring



Author or owner

Author: Greek Paying Agency - ΟPEKEPE

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Beneficiary Compliance
CSP Monitoring: Performance Review

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