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Digital Farm Book

Rationale of use

From the perspective of CSP monitoring, the digital farm book is designed to gather, store, and exchange information, including details about the implementation of various agricultural practices, the usage of fertilizers and pesticides, and the marketing of products. This data will assist in verifying that farmers meet the requirements for receiving aid. Eventually, this information will also be used to assess the performance of the CSP. From the viewpoint of farmers, the information within the Digital Farm Book will provide them with a deeper understanding of the performance of their agricultural operations.


Farmers enter the required information by means of a digital application which needs to follow the conventions stablished in an API (Application Programming Interface). The development of this API was a collaborative effort between the administrative and private sectors.

Types of outputs

Controls, Performance

Relevant CAP objective

Mainly SO4, SO5, SO6 and Cross-cutting objective

Tool name

Digital Farm Book


Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance monitoring



Author or owner

Owner: National Ministry of Agriculture

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Compliance
CSP Monitoring: Performance

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