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Dataplan Tool

Rationale of use

Designed as an interface between regional and national authorities, the DATAPLAN tool streamlines collaborative work for constructing the framework of reference for the French CSP, enabling data collection and sharing.


The DATAPLAN tool serves as a collaborative data portal, enabling regional authorities to upload financial planning and result indicator information. It allows national authorities to calculate national target values of indicators, considering regional specificities. The DATAPLAN is therefore an interface for the uploading data from regional authorities to national authorities, and for transferring the data further to other applications dedicated to the implementation and monitoring of the French CSP, such as the RefPAC tool from the ASP.

Types of outputs

The principal output is the CSP framework of reference proposal for the EC.

Relevant CAP objective



France’s CAP Strategic Plan:
Section 7.2 Description of the monitoring and reporting structure

Tool name

Dataplan Tool


Monitoring and data collection tools


Data and knowledge stocktaking



Author or owner

Owner: The Ministry of agriculture (DGPE/Bureau de la Coordination du Développement Rural) & ASP (Paying Agency)

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Beneficiaries' Compliance

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