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Data analysis

Rationale of use

The tight timeframe for designing the Common Agricultural Policy (CSP) prevented the deployment of other tools, especially simulation models, which require precise calibration.


The tool performs data analysis by extracting insights from various sources, including statistical databases, administrative databases, reports, and expert panels. Spreadsheets play a pivotal role in this process, aiding in threshold identification and measurement extension analysis.

Types of outputs

The resultant outputs are detailed reports that capture the essence of the agricultural sector from multiple Common Agricultural Policy Specific Objectives perspectives. These reports underpin SWOT analysis endeavors and need identification exercises.

Relevant CAP objective

All (There is one report for each specific objective)

Tool name

Data analysis


Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions


Statistical methods



Author or owner

Author: National Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Ministry of Agriculture Other National Ministries

Implemented by

Relevant tasks

CSP Design: Needs Assessment
CSP Design: Socio-Economic Context Analysis
CSP Design: SWOT Analysis

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