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Area Monitoring System (AMS)

Rationale of use

Area monitoring introduces a transparent, efficient, and comprehensive method for monitoring agricultural activities, enhancing compliance checks.


The system regularly observes, tracks, and evaluates agricultural practices using data from Sentinel satellites under the Copernicus program. The intention is to gradually replace on-site controls in federal states.

Types of outputs

Datasets that supplement other monitoring data

Relevant CAP objective


Tool name

Area Monitoring System (AMS)


Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance monitoring



Author or owner

Author: Staatliche Führungsakademie (FüAk) Owner: Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) At the federal level, it was agreed at the Conference of Agriculture Ministers on September 27, 2019, to establish a central office to support the federal states in the introduction and operation of an area monitoring system (AMS). One year later, Bavaria was commissioned and another year later, the federal-state agreement for the ZKF came into force. The Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) commissioned the FüAk as the central middle authority to set up a corresponding unit.

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Relevant tasks

CSP Monitoring: Beneficiaries' Compliance

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