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3STR – Monitoring

Rationale of use

The European Parliament and Council have outlined an agricultural monitoring system aimed at automating the recognition of eligibility criteria for area-based schemes. These include verifying the cover declared on parcels using data from the Sentinel satellites supplied by the European Copernicus program. The primary benefit of this system is to quickly inform farmers of discrepancies between declared and recorded covers, thus allowing them to adjust their declarations prior to payment processing. Additionally, it minimises the need for on-site checks, improving overall efficiency.


The system leverages satellite imagery, particularly from the SENTINEL satellites, and geotagged photos. This is utilised to evaluate the growth and succession of plant cover on French agricultural plots. The goal is to confirm the presence of agricultural activity and to ensure the declared covers match the CAP declarations. If inconsistencies are found before the disbursement of CAP aid, farmers are alerted to rectify their declarations without any financial implications.

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3STR – Monitoring


Monitoring and data collection tools


Compliance monitoring



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Owner: Paying agency (ASP)

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CSP Monitoring: Beneficiaries' Compliance

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