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The first French Focus Group dives into the future of policy support tools

Feb 29, 2024 | Tools4CAP Focus Groups

Author: Victor Kieffer (Oreade-Breche)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

In an online session held on 28 November 2023, Oreade-Breche organised the first French focus group within the framework of the Tools4CAP project. The meeting convened to deliberate on the future of policy support tools for the design and implementation of the French CAP Strategic Plan.

The focus group, comprising eight experts from four distinct organisations including the Ministry of Agriculture, the French Regional Managing Authorities, the national public research institute for agriculture and environment, and the French consular body for agriculture, engaged in a discussion. Their agenda centred around evaluating and validating the policy choices supporting tools identified during an earlier survey and inventory phase.

Employing facilitation tools such as Miro and Mentimeter, the discussions were characterised by a high level of participation and constructive dialogue. This collaborative environment not only reaffirmed the potential of the initially identified tools but also led to the discovery of an additional tool overlooked during the inventory phase.

The session’s primary aim was to deepen the understanding of the challenges faced by policy-makers in the implementation of these tools, identify end users’ needs and evaluate the tools according to the Tune-up Evaluation criteria (accuracy, reliability, applicability, accessibility, efficiency). Participants were able to better assess the tools’ functionalities and explore the challenges policy-makers encounter at various stages of implementing the CAP Strategic Plans.

The outcomes of this focus group are promising, providing actionable insights and recommendations for enhancing the tools and methods identified in the previous months.