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Stakeholder Engagement Platform facilitating collaborative decision-making

Jun 12, 2023 | Tools4CAP Results

Author: Roxana Vilcu (Ecorys)

Tools4CAP is set to launch a stakeholder engagement platform as part of the support action project. This initiative aims to foster inclusive discussions and gather diverse perspectives from stakeholders such as end users, policy-makers, NGOs, agri-representatives, and environmental actors.

The platform aims to facilitate bottom-up conversations and serve as a conduit for meaningful exchanges. In total, 32 national multi-stakeholder focus groups will be established across 16 countries covered by the consortium. These groups will engage in two rounds of discussions, providing valuable insights for various project aspects.

During the first round, planned for the last quarter of 2023, the focus groups will delve into the evaluation process, addressing topics outlined in other tasks (i.e. task 1.3 on benchmarking of methods and tools). The outcomes of these discussions will inform the assessment of needs and challenges spanning various work packages. By involving stakeholders early on, the project aims to gather critical inputs and ensure their perspectives are considered throughout.

The second round of focus groups will shift the focus towards assessing the tools tested in the case studies. Participants will collectively create a roadmap for adapting these tools in the Member States, ultimately contributing to the refinement of the final methodological guidelines outlined in tasks 2.3, 3.3, and 4.3.

To maintain consistency and a standardised approach, ECORYS, the task leader, has drafted methodological protocols for implementation across the Member States. The findings of the focus groups will serve as a basis for analysis, allowing for comprehensive insights into stakeholder perspectives during both the first and second rounds of discussions.

Furthermore, to complement the national viewpoints with an EU-wide perspective, an EU-level focus group consisting of policy-makers and representatives will be held in Brussels. This round of discussions will enhance the overall understanding of stakeholder concerns and contribute to more comprehensive decision-making.

The stakeholder engagement platform is anticipated to foster collaboration, transparency, and trust among stakeholders, leading to improved outcomes for both the project and the stakeholders themselves. By involving a wide range of voices, the consortium aims to ensure that the needs and aspirations of various stakeholders are adequately addressed throughout the project’s development and implementation phases.