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Latvian Focus Group explores policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions

Nov 28, 2023 | Tools4CAP Focus Groups

Author: Weronika Felcis (UoL)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

Tools4CAP has set a stakeholder engagement platform, designed to foster bottom-up conversations and enable meaningful interactions among a diverse array of stakeholders. In total, 32 national multi-stakeholder focus groups will be established across 16 countries covered by the project consortium.

In alignment with this initiative, the Latvian partner in the Tools4CAP project –University of Latvia–, recently hosted a dynamic discussion via Zoom. The session focused on the topic of policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions was the first round of discussion in this group

The primary goal of this focus group was threefold: (i) to delve into the challenges associated with the implementation of these tools, ​(ii) to identify end users’ needs, and (iii) to evaluate the tools according to the Tune-up Evaluation Framework (TEF criteria).

Eight people, with equal representation of men and women, attended the meeting. These participants brought diverse perspectives from several notable Latvian institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, AREI – The Institute of Agro-Resources and Economics, and the Rural Support Service in Latvia.

The choice of this specific topic was motivated by Latvia’s diligent preparations for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan. The country had undertaken an extensive ex-ante evaluation process involving more than 50 stakeholders, employing various assessment methods for final objectives, indicators, and environmental impacts. However, during the initial stages of building the tools inventory, no specific tools were indicated by the parties involved in preparing the Strategic Plan. Therefore, the focus group aimed to explore the tools that were actually used, evaluate those in the inventory, and gain deeper insights into the CAP Strategic Plan preparation process.