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Getting to know Tools4CAP’s case studies

May 29, 2023 | Tools4CAP Updates

Tools4CAP, which stands for Innovative Toolbox empowering effective Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) governance towards EU ambitions, is a Coordination and Support Action project (2023-2026) funded by the Horizon Europe programme.

Tools4CAP will conduct at least 10 case studies in 10 selected Member States (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain), where the project will demonstrate the potential and limitations of innovative tools in addressing a variety of needs. These case studies will ensure geographic coverage and represent the wide diversity of governance models and agri-food systems.

Among the case studies, 3 will focus on monitoring solutions; 2 on modelling tools; 3 on participatory/multi-level decision tools and 2 will be integral case studies.

In coordination with policy-makers, governance bodies and other stakeholders, partners will identify, mobilise and organise the necessary resources to estalish and launch the case study. Accordingly, each partner responsible for a case study will produce a set-up plan.

Based on the set-up plans, case studies will be undertaken to simulate the implementation of alternative approaches relevant to the national CAP Strategic Plans design and implementation processes, by using the selected innovative tools.

The case studies will operationalise modelling tools for ex-ante and ex-post assessments, participatory decision tools for stakeholder informed construction of intervention strategies, and monitoring solutions to control compliance, and support performance review and Strategic Plans evaluations.

An implementation report will be prepared for each case study, along with a descriptive case study’s factsheet. Based on the reporting, a comprehensive analysis of potential and limitations will be undertaken, including an assessment based on a newly adapted Tune-up Evaluation Framework.