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Get involved and make use of Tools4CAP results

Jun 16, 2023 | Tools4CAP Results

Author: Blanca Casares (AEIDL)

Tools4CAP, which stands for Innovative Toolbox empowering effective CAP governance towards EU ambitions, aims to support the design and monitoring of the national Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans (SPs) 2023-2027 through a bottom-up adaptation of innovative methods and tools.

Tools4CAP ambition is to promote meaningful engagement of external actors that goes beyond sharing results and incorporates their feedback into the design of the tasks to make them as useful as possible. The project seeks to involve policy-makers at European, national and regional level and governance bodies, but also researchers, innovators and developers and other relevant actors of agriculture and rural development. 

Have you been directly involved in the elaboration of the national CAP Strategic Plans? Will you be involved in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the CAP SPs? We would like to know more about your needs and knowledge.

So, let us look in detail at what activities stakeholders can participate in:

Relevant stakeholders at local, national and European level in the 27 Member States will be interviewed for the open-access inventory of methods and tools used to design, implementation and monitoring of CAP SPs. These interviews will be combined with desk research.

As part of the task on benchmarking of methods and tools, a Tune-up Evaluation Framework (TEF) will be produced for the assessment of the methods and tools used by Member States, based on a set of quality criteria as identified in the understanding of the New Delivery Model (NDM). The TEF will make use of an end-user survey and desk research, which will complement the interviews related to the inventory and the first-round national focus groups organised in the Stakeholder Engagement Platform.

In the identification of decision-making challenges in multilevel governance and multi-policy settings aiming at sustainability-ambitious CAP SP for the different phases of design and implementation, a literature review and a structured online survey will be conducted in all Member States. The results of the literature review and the online survey will be validated, and the challenges to be addressed and promising tools will be prioritised in the 16 national focus groups in the framework of the Stakeholder Engagement Platform.

Following the identification of challenges, the task on co-design of improved or new methods and tools for informed decision-making will use co-design within a working group composed of project partners and experts, to develop methods and tools that can overcome the key challenges identified. Each working group will elaborate a draft implementation protocol for a method or tool aiming to tackle the identified challenges and barriers.

Under the demonstration planning and set-up, tools will be selected for testing in at least 10 case studies, of which at least: 3 will focus on monitoring solutions; 2 on modelling tools; 3 on participatory decision tools; and 2 integral case studies integrating the tools in a concerted approach.

Partners will ensure the involvement of relevant stakeholders, in their respective Member State, and coordinate with them in planning the work. In coordination with external actors, partners will identify, mobilise and organise the necessary resources to set-up and launch the case study. Accordingly, each partner responsible for a case study will produce a set-up plan.

Tools4CAP will establish a Capacity Building Hub to help end users reinforce their capacity to use innovative tools, including models used by the European Commission. This Hub is made up of:

  • A Stakeholder engagement platform for bottom-up discussion to inform the support action. National multi-stakeholder focus groups will be developed in two-rounds in the 16 countries covered by the consortium, for a total of 32 focus groups, whereas an EU-level, two-round focus group will be held in Brussels to complement the national views with an EU perspective.
  • The Tools4CAP Academy to provide a framework for capacity building and peer-learning. It will be coordinated by AEIDL (European Association for Innovation in Local Development) in close collaboration with other partners to develop an attractive and tailor-made training programme that meets the end users’ needs. The definition of the ten modules will follow: (i) the inventory of tools and good practices; (ii) the identification of tools and methodological guidelines; and (iii) showcase case study lessons.

Do not miss the opportunity and get involved and contribute to the future of national CAP Strategic Plans!