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Navigating from 2023 to 2024 in the first Tools4CAP Consortium Meeting

Feb 5, 2024 | Tools4CAP Updates

Author: Miranda García Lera (AEIDL)

From January 30 to February 1, 2024, the Tools4CAP project convened its Annual Consortium Meeting at the premises of the Gaiasense Hub in Piraeus, Greece. This marked the second opportunity for Tools4CAP partners to come together and engage in discussions regarding project progress, achievements, and future prospects.

The Consortium Meeting kicked off with a warm welcome from Olivier Chartier and Bérénice Dupeux (project coordination, Ecorys). Their message was clear and optimistic: “The future direction of the new CAP remains uncertain, but this moment is crucial for our project. Our focus must be on the present, to evaluate our surroundings, and to select the right tools that will be use in the future”.

Reflecting on the past year

The two-day meeting was filled with presentations and discussions that unveiled the Tools4CAP’s accomplishments in its inaugural year. Notably, the launch of the online inventory emerged as a cornerstone. This resource offers a comprehensive suite of methods and tools used for the design, implementation and monitoring of Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plans (CSPs).

Further, the meeting introduced a benchmarking system for these methods and tools, with plans to produce 10 evaluation fiches in the coming months. These fiches will present the strengths and weaknesses of different tools used in policy design and monitoring, covering aspects like needs assessment and intervention settings.

Another significant development was the launch of the Tools4CAP Academy, which held its first module on 17 January 2024. This session went beyond mere presentation, serving as an interactive learning and collaboration platform. It showcased the practical utility and value of some of the tools featured in the online Inventory, demonstrating their real-world applications.

Several group discussions were also organised. Project partners engaged in a retrospective of 2023, identifying key outcomes, successes, and challenges faced by Tools4CAP. This exercise not only highlighted the project’s impact but also paved the way for introspective insights and constructive feedback.

Looking forward: Setting the course for 2024

The Consortium Meeting provided partners with the opportunity to delve into the next steps for the project in the upcoming months. Various sessions reinforced the commitment of the Tools4CAP community to drive the project toward continued success by planning new activities, identifying experts, and addressing the challenges that lie ahead. The upcoming months will focus on selecting and adapting existing tools to new needs, and on bridging the gap between research and managing authorities by transferring innovative tools into their hands.


The Tools4CAP Consortium Meeting was a success, serving as a nexus for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the pursuit of empowering effective CAP governance through innovative tools. The tangible sense of achievement among Tools4CAP partners underscores their collective dedication to leveraging the project’s potential. As the project looks ahead, the momentum generated at this meeting promises to propel Tools4CAP toward further groundbreaking advancements.