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First Italian Focus Group meeting to explore ‘Policy Choices Supporting Tools’

Nov 20, 2023 | Tools4CAP Focus Groups

Author: Christian Schingo (ABACO)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

Tools4CAP has set a stakeholder engagement platform aimed at fostering bottom-up conversations and facilitating meaningful exchanges among diverse stakeholders. In total, 32 national multi-stakeholder focus groups will be established across 16 countries covered by the project consortium. As part of this initiative, the Italian Focus Group, coordinated by our partners from ABACO, held a virtual meeting on 7 November 2023 to delve into the topic of Policy choices supporting tools.

The primary goal of this focus group was to explore the challenges associated with the implementation of these tools, ​ identify end users’ needs and evaluate the tools according to the Tune-up Evaluation Framework (TEF criteria).

The selection of Policy choices supporting tools as the central theme was a strategic choice influenced by ABACO’s extensive collaboration with end user organisations actively involved in the design and implementation of the policy choices within the National Strategic Plan.

Thirteen people attended the meeting, representing four distinct organisations: the Ministry of Agriculture, of Food and Forest Sovereignty; ISMEA – Institute of Services for the Agricultural and Food Market;CREA – Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics; Veneto and Abruzzo Region.

The scope of this first meeting was to validate the Policy choices supporting tools initially identified during the survey and inventory phase. Remarkably, the meeting yielded unexpected outcomes, as attendees identified a wealth of new tools and sub-categories that had not been considered during the inventory phase. Furthermore, the meeting served to assess the tools’ functionalities, and explore the challenges faced by policy-makers at various stages of the CAP Strategic Plans.