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Women-led innovations in agriculture and rural areas

17 -18 Apr 2024
Krakow, Poland

Women play a pivotal role in rural society and economic development. Despite their essential contributions, many face challenges such as discrimination and limited access to employment opportunities, particularly in informal sectors. The gender pay gap and employment disparities persist in rural areas, with farming often seen as male-dominated.

To address these issues, gender mainstreaming is crucial in the CAP Strategic Plans, promoting women’s participation in farming and ensuring gender equality. Various EU-supported projects illustrate how barriers to women’s empowerment in rural areas can be overcome, leading to socio-economic benefits and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recognising women as a driving force for prosperity, the EU CAP Network support unit for Innovation and Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI is organising a workshop on women-led innovations to demonstrate that farming and rural areas can be attractive places for women, especially for developing their business ideas and applying their innovative approaches.