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Transforming EU land use and the CAP: a post-2024 vision 

20 September 2023
Brussels, Belgium

Discussions are getting underway on the post-2027 CAP—covering the period up to 2034—with the Commission’s proposals expected in July 2025. These will be drawn up by a new EU administration following the 2024 EU elections.  

Recent evidence of escalating climate change has underlined the importance of achieving more rapid progress to sustainability and resilience in the critical European agrifood and land use sectors. A very significant contribution from these sectors will be essential for meeting a range of sustainability goals and commitments between 2030 and 2050—including on climate, biodiversity, and natural resource use.  

Amongst the most crucial group of policies are those that provide funding for rural areas, with the CAP being the largest and most central to guiding the direction of travel. 

How can the EU significantly step-up the action needed whilst addressing the concerns of farming and rural communities about the risks of change? How can EU funds be deployed more effectively in the coming decade to support farmers and land managers in making the transition to sustainability and address barriers to change? 

This event will bring together think tanks, policy makers, farming organisations, NGOs, and private sector actors to have an open dialogue on the way forward and present this vision.  The event is free of charge but registration is required.