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The Future of Food and Farming Summit

28 September 2023
Paris, France

The EU’s agri-food sector faces a host of challenges. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine disrupted a bloc striving for further resilience and climate neutrality in a post-pandemic context, impacting food and fertilizer supplies, while the resulting energy crisis has saddled both farmers and consumers with higher prices.

In the run up to the 2024 European elections, co-decision makers are racing to get as many proposals written into legislation as possible including the pesticide legislation, a proposal on new genomic techniques and food labeling among others. And, nearly five years on, do the promises of the Green Deal remain empty words? Has Europe delivered on its Eu’s flagship green plan to reshape how Europeans farm and eat? And in a fast-changing world, how can the bloc address the current challenges it is facing while taking the opportunity to reign in climate change and embrace innovation?