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SafeHabitus Policy Seminar: Seasonal and migrant workers in agri-food value chains

10 April 2024 | 09.15 to 13.00 CET
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Brussels

Join this pivotal event on the living and working conditions of migrant workers in European agriculture. An ever-growing share of the EU’s agri-food salaried workforce is composed of Seasonal and migrant workers (both intra or extra EU), as highlighted most vividly during the pandemic. Such workers may find themselves vulnerable to abuses or have insufficient access to basic services. The aim of this seminar will be to develop a strategic approach to address these challenges in a systematic and forward-looking way involving both policymakers and stakeholders at the EU level and to share the outcomes of the seminar with the EU agri-food Strategic Dialogue.

  • To contribute to the public discussions needed to bring about change.
  • To synthesize the latest and most relevant scientific research and practical insights from a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • To share perspectives among those actors and European policy-makers directly involved on issues related to labour standards and living and working conditions of migrant and seasonal workers.
  • To provide policy-makers with the knowledge and evidence needed to drive positive change.
Why Attend

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to interact with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and contribute to the public conversation able to shape most relevant policies that impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Whether you’re a policymaker, researcher, or practitioner, your participation is crucial in driving meaningful change towards fair and sustainable labour practices.