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CAP reform – Is ‘social conditionality’ the answer for agri-workers?

26 June 2023

In June 2021, the EU institutions took a crucial first step towards addressing this by introducing ‘social conditionality’ into the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform.

The new measure of social conditionality requires farmers to comply with minimum social and labour standards in order to receive CAP subsidies. National authorities can decide to reduce – or withdraw in the most severe cases – the CAP subsidies where a farmer does not respect one or several requirements under this EU legislation.

On 26 June from 9.30 to 10.45 EURACTIV organises a virtual conference to discuss social conditionality and its impact on the working conditions of agri-workers. How do these reforms affect farmers? Are there any potential drawbacks or unintended consequences of introducing social conditionality in the CAP? If so, what might they be, and how could they be addressed?

If you are interested to participate, register here.