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7th European Agroforestry Conference – EURAF 2024 congress

27 - 31 May 2024
Mendel University, Czechia

Agroforestry is an important regenerative agriculture practice that can achieve a greater diversity or quantity of outputs with fewer non-farm inputs while improving a farm’s resilience to climate change. Well-designed agroforestry systems, adapted to local conditions, can also enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services at the landscape level. Nevertheless, the re-adoption of agroforestry in Europe is currently challenging despite the interest of both farmers and policymakers.

Czechia, at the heart of Europe, is an ideal place to come together to address these challenges. Agroforestry is gaining momentum now. It is the home of many intensive farms, where agroforestry can provide a cornerstone for progressive agricultural development and the creation and conservation of economic and environmentally beneficial landscapes.

Hence, join the 2024 European Agroforestry Conference in the vibrant city of Brno! This timely conference will cover research and practical sessions that address the opportunities and challenges in promoting the integration of trees with farming. Discussions in plenary, thematic oral and poster sessions, and workshops will provide participants with new ideas to enhance agroforestry’s role in diversifying production, enhancing soil health and biodiversity, addressing climate change, creating profitable businesses and regenerating landscapes in Europe.