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Case studies

This selection is tentative. The final selection will be done by September 2024.

The replication lab in work package 5 aims to demonstrate potential and limitations of the identified methods & tools, and promote replication of best solutions and good practices.

At least 10 case studies will be developed, of which there will be at least 3 focusing on monitoring solutions, 2 on modelling tools, 3 on participatory/multilevel decision tools, and 2 integral case studies combining the use of different types of tools.

In coordination with end users, we will plan and set in motion the case studies (D5.1). Case studies are undertaken to simulate the execution of alternative approaches relevant to the CAP strategic plan design and monitoring processes, through the use of the selected innovative tools.

Case studies will operationalise modelling tools for ex-ante and ex-post assessments, participatory decision tools for stakeholder-informed construction of intervention strategies, and monitoring solutions to control compliance and support performance review.

A report of the implementation will be produced for each case study, along with a descriptive case study factsheet. Based on the reporting, a comprehensive analysis of potential and limitations will be performed (D5.2). The implementation of the tools in the case studies will be showcased through the Tools4CAP Academy in a number of training modules.

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