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Assessing the regional dimension of the CAP Strategic Plans

Nov 14, 2023 | European news

Author: Blanca Casares (AEIDL)

Tools4CAP project aims to support the implementation of national CAP Strategic Plans (CSP) 2023-2027 and lay the foundations for a sound preparation of the new programming period post-2027. Its specific objectives include to stimulate Member States to adopt methods and tools adapted to their needs. One of its work packages focuses on co-designing participatory and multi-level governance decision tools.

While its focus is to support national authorities in the implementation of the CSPs, in many Member States these responsibilities are devolved in part to regional and other subnational authorities. Therefore, the territorial angle is a helpful one to consider when assessing the implementation of the CSPs.

In that respect, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) launched the first of a three-part consultation on the regional dimension of the CSP, with the objective to gather the experiences of local and regional authorities in the design phase of the CSPs, their implementation and, finally, their assessment of the added value of the regionally focused measures. The report of the first consultation phase is available here.

For reference, CoR´s commission for Natural Resources (NAT) included in among its work programme objectives to follow the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at regional level and to evidence the added value of regional interventions. To this end, the Network of Regional Hubs (RegHub) of the CoR monitors the implementation of EU policies concerning needs at regional and local level.

This first consultation’s phase was conducted between December 2022 and February 2023 through an online survey with 21 questions. As indicated in the report, although RegHub covers 21 Member States and 24 members (Hubs), which ensures a geographical balance, it is not representative of local and regional authorities across the EU. Therefore, the results of this consultation should not be interpreted as statistically representative. You can find the results of this survey by clicking on this link.

Regarding governance issues of the CAP Strategic Plans, the replies to the survey indicate that all existing regional management authorities in Member States which in the previous programming period had regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) have retained this role. However, their conferred competence changed and some competences have been taken over by the central government. There are also regional monitoring committees in all these Member States, except for Finland. In Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and Austria there has always been a centralised governance of the Strategic Plans at the national level. There are no regional managing authorities or regional monitoring committees.

The report also includes experiences from different regions on how consultation was carried out during the design of their national CSP, how the regional dimension has been included when programming interventions and other consultations linked to CSPs such as the continuity of RDPs measures in current rural development interventions, coherence between Pillar I and II or the design of eco-schemes.

The results of this consultation will inform the CoR’s discussions with its institutional partners and feed into its work on the mid-term review of the CAP in the period 2024-2025.

The European project Tools4CAP which stands for “Innovative Toolbox empowering effective CAP governance towards EU ambitions” is a Coordination and Support Action (2023-2026) funded by the Horizon Europe programme. This consultation carried out by the CoR is therefore of interest to the project and the results of the other consultation phases will be followed up.

More information:
  • A brochure compiling regional intervention designed by the members of the AGRIREGIONS can be downloaded here.​
  • NAT Commission meetings documents are available here.