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Advancing Capacity and analytical Tools for supporting EU Agricultural Policies post-2027

May 30, 2024 | Horizon projects

Author: Siemen van Berkum (ACT4CAP27 coordinator, Wageningen Economic Research)

The ACT4CAP27 project, funded under Horizon Europe, was launched in March 2024 with the aim of providing continuous support for evidence-based EU agri-food policies post 2027, aligning with the objectives of the European Green Deal (EGD).

Challenges in Policy Impact Assessment

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) serves as the European Union’s cornerstone for supporting agriculture, ensuring food security, and driving rural development. Aligned with the objectives of the EGD, and encompassing the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy, the CAP plays a pivotal role in reshaping Europe’s agri-food systems for sustainability.

In the evolving landscape of the EGD, existing quantitative modelling tools face a significant challenge in comprehensively addressing all components of the policy. The need to align with the ambitious goals of the EGD, including sustainability and biodiversity, demands a significant enhancement in thematic coverage.

Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of regulatory pathways

The project aims to enhance analytical capabilities, tools, and collaborative technical infrastructure within the policy modelling community. This effort is directed towards providing continuous support for ex-ante analyses of EU agri-food policies post-2027, aligning with the objectives of the EGD.

The project adopts a comprehensive food system approach.

“We need to simultaneously look at the economic, social (including health), environmental, and climate sustainability of food systems. By taking a holistic view on the policy landscape and through the identification of synergies, trade-offs, and linkages, the project will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of regulatory pathways, particularly in the context of ongoing shocks and disruptions across Europe and globally,” explains Siemen van Berkum, coordinator of the ACT4CAP27 project and senior researcher at Wageningen Economic Research.

Assessing policy impacts, guiding policy-makers

The objective is to assess both short-term and long-term policy impacts on the EU’s agri-food systems, providing evidence-based knowledge crucial for designing agri-food policies post-2027.

The project goes beyond modelling and tools; it will launch an Interactive Roadmap designed to guide EU, national, and regional policy-makers. This tool will facilitate informed decision-making by helping policy-makers weigh up policy objectives towards more sustainable outcomes.

ACT4CAP brings together 13 research institutions from eight EU countries, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, and builds on established modelling tools that are used to predict the impacts of climate, agricultural, and forestry policies at the local, national, and regional levels.

Further information

ACT4CAP27 Project coordination: Wageningen Economic Research, The Hague, NL

Contact: act4cap27@wur.nl  LinkedIn | Twitter | Website | CORDIS